About Us

Four Friends Farm was established in 1997. It is owned and operated by David and Tricia Scott, and was originally a partnership with Bill and Barbara Harty – hence Four Friends.

One approved Oldenburg mare named Donner started our small breeding program. She was by Volturno, a wonderful international level event stallion, and out of a TB mare. Donner had beautiful gaits, was very trainable, and had a kind and giving disposition. We believe that she is at the root of our horses’ kind personalities. Donner always produced babies who were better than herself. All of her foals with the exception of one were marked Premium in the Oldenburg keuring. In addition, thanks to Volturno’s capabilities, most of our horses have a talent for jumping. Sadly, we lost Donner in October, 2009, to a severe colic at the age of 24.

One of Donner's daughters,Fresca, became our next broodmare. She is by Florian. As I mentioned earlier, Donner always out produced herself, and Fresca is a perfect example. She is in the Oldenburg Premium Mare Book (only 4% of mares achieve this designation). She has Donner’s lovely disposition and gaits and is very pretty to look at. She has now produced 4 foals and all have been marked Premium, including the latest bundle of joy, Dior by Donerweiss. We are very excited to watch Dior grow up.

One stallion we have bred to multiple times, Royal Prince, was recently named the USEF Breeding Stallion of the Year for the fourth time. This match up has already produced two very impressive, quality colts that have proven extremely trainable and rideable and are just a joy to work with. The 2006 colt, Royal Jester (a.k.a Jack) is now Tricia's own personal horse. Tricia and Jack hope to make their 2nd Level debut in the Fall of 2012 after enjoying outstanding success at First Level in 2011.

Our Mission

Through a very careful and thoughtful breeding program, we strive to produce affordable show quality horses suitable for junior riders or adult amateurs. In order of priority, we breed first for disposition, then movement and finally, looks. Stallions are carefully evaluated for the following qualities:
          1) A quiet, calm disposition
          2) Excellent ground manners
          3) Ideal conformation for dressage horses
          4) Beautiful, fluid movement – not so extravagant as to be difficult to ride
          5) Progeny with successful show records
          6) Long term soundness

Only mares that have been ridden will be used for breeding to help ensure rideability of our young horses.